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we see what we see: the venue hunt

December 13, 2017

Hello newly committed lovers!  You're engaged, you're brainstorming, you're hopeful...  and you are most certainly on your phone.  We're all on our phone, and for good reason; computers are heavy and don't fit in your pocket.  From postmates to venue searching the methodology is the same though and the numbers don't lie.  You like things and they like them quick, and when you land on a mobile page your brain decides what to do in less than a few seconds.  Why shouldn't it though?


I personally have better things to do than wait for loading, hunt for an email / phone number, or try to dig if you have an Instagram and I assume you all are no different.  If there is a good Instagram anyway why not make it front and center, right along with your Facebook, email, and contact number.  Well I've cracked the code, I've listened to the Gary Vaynerchuks of the world and I have minimized your wait time to send me a message.  This way we can spend more time on the in depth review of what if will take to make your big day a smooth and enjoyable time rather than a crazy micromanaged stress test (never happened here but I have heard stories).   


Thanks for reading, more of our growth as a art gallery wedding venue to follow!






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