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Court Yard Clear Out and an Arbor

December 7, 2017

In case you didn't know, tropical plants die in the winter, go figure.  From this lesson however we look forward to the spring planting that will take place in April 2018 and the zen that falls over the courtyard as we drop it into neutral for the winter and remove the furniture.  I love it here.  Mid winter you can sit on the stage and catch about 2 hours of sun and warmth no matter the temperature.  No jacket and a sandwich in the middle of January.  If you don't believe me, just come by and sit on the stage mid January and have a sandwich.  This of course is BYO-sandwich, though on days I'm feeling extra giving I will fire up the Keurig and hook you up with some caffeine.  


So back to the clearing out!  In case you didn't know we are a venue, and an art gallery.  This means that everything we own is heavy and made of iron.  This is also why I don't go to the gym anymore.  Spend an hour looking for a new home for one chimenea, some tables, a three pallet bar and then go climb on the roof and you are set.  Eat your heart out cross fit.  The goal of course is to gear up for what the wedding professionals claim is the largest engagement season around: Thanksgiving to Valentines Day.  Nothing says I love you like over eating and where there is love there is engagement parties, venue walk throughs and planning for that love to culminate under a hand made arbor... cough... an arbor that I made specifically for which I have attached a picture.  


With the courtyard clear you can see the space for what it is.  All the brick, the cobblestone like ground and the remnants of vines once creeping up the back stair case that will once again bloom in spring.  It's when I do my planning.  It's when I sit on the stairs and envision the space alive with someones big day and at the same time take it in for what it is, a hidden oasis in the middle of the city.  My own private garden and escape from the ever growing city blocks, restaurants and apartments.  That said, it's back to it for me, talk with you next time. 





















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