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Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery presents:


Opening reception Friday, July 29th, 7-9pm

Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery 1632 U Street NW

Curated By Spencer Dormitzer and Gallery O on H's Dolly Vehlow 

Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery is proud to present OUTSIDE – IN, a group exhibition exploring the dwelling from curious points of view.

Inside, outside... Interior, exterior; the world can be portrayed quite differently whether you are looking out or looking in.
This amaziing exhibition invites you to look at the view of both perspectives from a very unique group of visionary artists.
Participating artists include:
- Carson 
Murdach investigates the cyclical nature of history so that we can prevent the repetition of past mistakes. Populated with ships, cookie-cutter homes and signs of industry, Carson Murdach's works narrate cautionary tales of humanity's pattern of civilization. His drawings dramatically shift from green pastoral beginnings to the thick gray smog that hangs over the careless development of sprawling urbanism. Drawing from the traditions of folk and historic landscape painting, he disrupts an otherwise picturesque scene by inserting naively rendered homes and architecture into the frame. This visual incongruity sheds light on the tension between the built environment and nature.
- Michael Nakoneczny, the internationally renowned, Richmond Va. based artist, by way of Alaska and Chicago Il.  This multi-faceted artist has had a stellar career, creating a solipsistic world that follows his life experiences, trials, prevails and adventures through drawing and sculpture. This will be Michael's 1st show in the Washington area in many years and we are excited to be the forum for this event.
- Baltimore artist Mars Tokyo has created over 200-minute structures since 2002, titled: Theatres of the 13th Dimension. These treasures are a breathtaking display of technical prowess, precise construction, and audacious ideas, all condensed onto tiny stages. The subject matter of the theaters is engaging, narrative and dramatic, much like a large scale theatrical production. Subjects range from relationships, love, loss, women's issues, hope, disappointment and the search for spirituality and peace. 
"Art, in all forms, is my passion and my way of life. If I could no longer express myself through art in some manner, I would not exist."
Lee Wheeler
- Virginia native Lee Wheeler's curious structures in the form of birdhouses move the viewer though an emotional cornucopia of wonderment, 
nostalgia and uneasiness. Meticulous in their edifice, abandon in their conception, Wheeler's work will no doubt create a smile for the observer while equally force them to look behind their shoulder.  

Lee's extensive career has put his work in private collections throughout the United States and his most recent project was a 15' x 525' mural for the magnificent American Visionary art Museum.
This event is FREE and open to the public

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