Gallery O on H // 1354 H Street NE, Washington, DC // 202-649-0210 //

Counter Classic



Drawn from tradition, counter classic is a musical experience that unhinges the traditional format and revels in the interconnectedness of disciplines that previously existed unto themselves. Classical and jazz musicians, visual artists, and djs come together to contribute layers unique to the tools and techniques of each performer in the telling of a common musical story.  Experiences once reserved solely for the concert hall, art gallery, jazz club or dance floor are reimagined and coalesce into unique performances presented in unconventional venues. Photography by Matt Appleby.

The event features work by JS Bach, Samuel Barber and French jazz pianist Claude Bolling performed by classical musicians Sofia Hailu and Chris Astilla alongside local jazz lions Jon Steele and DC newcomer Ryan Mullins, DJ BLinkhorn and Quannumthrow.

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WHEN: Saturday, January 16, 2016
Doors & bar open at 8pm; Live performance starts at 9pm
WHERE: Gallery O on H, 1354 Hst NE
TICKETS: $18 advance/ $20 Door

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